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Content Pilot is a creative, diverse, open and collaborative company where each employee’s ideas are considered and all voices are valued. We invest a tremendous amount of energy in our core competencies: strategic thought, breathtaking design, compelling content, innovative technologies and outstanding client service. Every day, our employees walk past a wall in our offices that quickly sums up our ideals as a company and the promise we make to ourselves and our clients. Those words are – Winning. Caring. Respectful. Imaginative. Brilliant. Committed. Relevant. Accountable. Generous. Influential. Honest. Joyful.


Diversity is about being invited to the party; inclusion is about being asked to dance. – Verna Myers, Content Pilot is a woman-owned company – nearly half of our employees are women and nearly half are diverse in terms of ethnicity, race and sexual orientation. Research proves time and again that equitable, diverse and inclusive companies out-perform those that aren't. Now is the time to be bolder than ever.

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Our history consists of nearly 15 years of us trying to make a tangible, measurable and creative difference in our clients’ and employees’ lives. Deborah McMurray, a former law firm CMO, launched Content Pilot January 1, 2006 with the sole purpose of delivering superior strategy, design, content and technology projects to professional services firms around the U.S. – on time and on budget. She carefully chose motivated team members (many with law/accounting firm experience) who had demonstrated leadership skills and who had the potential to grow into the company’s most important client-facing positions. Clients tell us that our deep understanding of how professional services firms work has made an enormous difference in the successful work we do together. We are proud of our enduring relationships with clients and owe 100% of our success to the fact that they took a chance on a start-up company who promised a better, more transparent way of working. Now that we have grown and matured, we still never look in the rear-view mirror without saying, “thank you.”

We are proud of the longevity and strength of our leadership team: Dan Johnsonour President, was a previous legal industry business co-founder and telecom industry entrepreneur who joined the CP team in early 2007. This was a critical time in our startup life cycle when the business needed to restructure and make a key technology pivot.  Dan's role in putting together a financial, technical and operations plan was instrumental in taking Content Pilot from initial “test Pilots” to a fully operational and growing business.  He became a partner in 2008. And Keith Wewe, our Vice President - Strategy and Solutions was a law firm marketing veteran who joined us in late 2006. Adding critical legal industry knowledge and depth to the delivery of client solutions, Keith became a partner in 2009.  His passion, plus design, process and technology genius has contributed greatly to the success of CP clients over the years, and has made an important difference in the growth of our company. He has leveraged his experience, leadership abilities and work ethic to the benefit of LMA for many years. This culminated with Keith serving as President of the International Legal Marketing Association in 2016. He continues to serve in important roles, such as the co-chair of LMA's Diversity SIG.